Sunday, June 16, 2013

Keeping It Simple

I don't know why it's been such a long time since I've sat and wrote something that made me think. After 3 years of rigorous writing, I don't think I've still gotten over it. I guess it was tranquility that I wanted to experience. After a very emotional period that almost exhausted me and only fueled my passion for writing, I decided to experience what it was like to just sit and feel and not worry about blogging it. It felt great. It still feels great, may be that's why I am unable to get into a writing routine despite multiple efforts. 

So why come now? It's because it's been such a long time that I feel my writing skills are becoming a bit rusty. I find myself searching my mind for words when trying to pen down a thought. I also find myself trying to decide how to start off and grab my readers' attention. So, listening to my loving mother and my wonderful husband and a few very sincere friends, I think it's high time I revive my skill. 

Welcome to "Simplified Versions", and yes you can ask me why I chose that name. To be honest, I'm always at a loss when I actually have to title something and ironically, any time other than that I find my mind spilling with ideas for a title. Anyway, so I chose Simplified Versions because that is how I write, that is how I like to write. I love talking about the small and simple things in life and I love to do it in the most simple, honest way possible. I want to make this blog part of my original blog the perfect line. If you've read me there, then you know what's coming. I tried a Wordpress blog in between but it was too shiny and perfect and proper for me to actually make it work. I felt intimidated. Like I said I want to keep it simple, and Blogger's just perfect for that. That's why you see a blog with white background with no unnecessary gadgets messing up the space because it's going to be simple and clear. What do you think? I plan to import all my Wordpress posts here anyway. 

So, once more, I officially welcome you to Simplified Versions and honestly, I hope you like it while you're here. See you!

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  1. Welcome back yet again. I actually liked the title a lot. World is enough of complex to make it more complex. Let's go the easy way :) xx

  2. Thanks Iqra :) And about the title, just thought of it by chance. Keep returning now! ;)